Fit For A King Gift Box


Ever wonder about a gift box that has everything that could please your man? Well, our Fit For A King Gift Box is the one for you then. From top-notch products to its premium packaging, this should be the next gift for your King.



Let’s Find Out What Makes This Gift Box Fit For A King?

In every person’s eyes, there is always a guy who they consider their King. It can be their Father, Husband, or Brother. So, we decided to build a box that can impress the King of their Kingdom. Our Fit For A King Gift Box includes a designer unstitched menswear suit, suitable for their persona. A classy watch to match the aesthetic of the gift box. Then comes our all-time best-seller Name Engraved Wallet, Keychain and Pen Set to personalize the box. It also contains a self-explanatory mug that says ” Best Man In The World” to describe feelings for them. Also, we have added a bouquet of fresh flowers to add a touch of romanticism. Lastly, we have added some imported chocolates to satisfy their sweet tooth.

We Pay Attention To Details

We curate each gift box differently from others. The theme of each box decides the whole vibe of the box. All our mini cards are bespoke and we customize them according to the customer’s demand and keeping the occasion in mind. Each item is hand-wrapped with our brand’s ribbons. Also, finish off each box with a Marks and Spencer card. The addition of flowers gives it a very romantic touch.

Who Can You Gift Our Fit For A King Gift Box?

As the name says for itself, it sure is Fit For A King Gift Box. It is ideal for your Husband’s birthday or your wedding Anniversary. It also makes the perfect present for anyone who is getting married. Here’s a list of people from who you can get this gift box:

What Are The Perfect Occasions To Gift This Gift Box?

Note: Customized our gift boxes according to your preferences.

Additional information

Suit Color Options

Teal Blue, Light Mustard, Pistachio Green, Salmon Pink, Kiwi Green, Cream White, Off White, Lilac, Beige, Dark Grey, Crisp White, Mint, Sky Blue, Grey


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