Add a touch of classic sophistication to your wardrobe with our selection of turtlenecks for men. Practical, timeless, and effortlessly stylish, these turtlenecks are perfect for nailing that smart-casual look. Shop now from our latest collection. Turtleneck is perfect for everyday wear in winter.

The comfiest clothing you can wear is a turtleneck. They are pleasing because they lengthen the figure and are stretchable with the body, emphasizing the face. They make things so simple because you can easily dress up a turtleneck that you’re wearing to work by adding a jacket later. A turtleneck is a long, tubular sweater that is intended to be folded over itself to create a double layer when worn. The turtlenecks were solely functional for many years.

It’s been around since medieval Europe when knights wore it under their chainmail to protect their necks. Throughout the 1800s, it remained functional, designed for factory workers and athletes—roles nearly filled by males. In terms of their capacity to last through multiple fashion eras and remain a staple, turtlenecks are cool and classy wear in winter. Use a thinner knit below a layering piece, such as a denim shirt or possibly even a shirt over, to bring down an ensemble with a turtleneck sweater. Naturally, a pair of jeans and a pair of boots can complete this kind of ensemble. One of our favorite winter activities is stocking up on warm sweaters. The classic turtlenecks will unquestionably reign supreme. Some of the top turtleneck ensembles received input from coveted influencers and stylists.

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