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About J’s Store

J’s Store is an Online Retail Brand and a Gift-shop focuses on Fashion Accessories. We started off as a fashion retail brand in 2015 which was more focused on fashion accessories like clothing, bags, shoes, sunglasses and other fashion trinkets. Then we added more personalized items on our stash on our customer’s demand. We’ve a product for every occasion to cater individual demands. Now we focus more on providing customized goods as per the event to make it more meaningful for our audience.

We do not have a store presence since our retail space is the Internet. Technology being our key strategy to gather everyone together. Also, it’s more convenient in today’s age to shop and check-out at a tap away. We can claim our brand to be a one pit stop for all contemporary fashion and personalized goods needs. We tend to cater ladies especially of age 18-40, though we highly believe that age is just a number. People especially visits our store for all the anniversaries and birthdays needs. If you’re looking for an amazing gift for your husband or planning to surprise your wife with a personalized accessory then J’s Store should be your choice for quality gift items.

About Owners

Picture of the Owner and Founder of J's Store

Laraib Bin Jawed (Founder & Owner of J’s Store)

Hello. I was born in 1996, in Karachi and got my primary schooling done from Habib Public School. Now, I’m a business graduate from SZABIST and an entrepreneur. I’ve always been into sports and e-sports and wanted to pursue it professionally but couldn’t. Just after I completed my O Level in commerce and started off with my A Levels, I had an urge to do something of my own. Back then, I wanted to do it to implement theories in real world and gather some pocket money on my own. So, I started an online store with my brother and sister-in-law named StyleX. Within a year, it grew so well that my brother suggested me start my own online store and that’s how J’s Store came into existence.

J’s Store did pretty well in it’s initial days and kept growing in terms of revenue and number of customers. I was able to add more products every quarter of the year. Later on, my fiancée (now co-owner of J’s Store) joined hands with me to run it on a larger scale. and make it full-fledged business. For me, 2018-2019 was the time when things went great in terms of our sale but then came 2020 when the world went upside down for everyone during the world pandemic COVID-19. It took almost 10 months for us to get back to start the operations. We are still thriving to introduce better products and make the online shopping as easier as possible especially in today’s time when people are preferring online over physical/in-store buying.

Picture of Ramsha Sajid, the Co-owner of J's Store.

Ramsha Sajid (Co-owner of J’s Store)

Hello. I was born and raised in Karachi and currently in my mid-twenties. I love fashion and art and have studied textile designing. My interests also reflect in my work as well. So, I joined the store back in 2017, I was studying art and it itself was a full time job to be honest. Initially, I wanted to make some money to buy my art supplies because that too cost a fortune. By the time, the sales on the store went really well so, I sadly had to take a break from my studies.

Therefore, I made J’s Store my full time involvement to run it on a larger scale. Apart from managing sales, I’m always in a hunt to get new products on board. As our main audience involves ladies, so I interact with them to get their feedback. I try to discover gifts and fashion accessories that they would like us to add them on our product list. I love my work and thoroughly enjoy doing it. My main focus is making the customer’s experience smooth for online shopping and to get them just a tap away.

Recently, I’ve planned to start my personal blog related to fashion, lifestyle and different girl related topics. The purpose is to interact and empower girls and make them financially independent. I would be giving them tips to start and run their own successful business. So, do watch out my blog (https://jsstore.com.pk/about-us/) each Friday starting from 5 March 2021.