Customized LED Picture Lamp


Light up your life and your room with the most special gift of customized LED Acrylic lamps!

All you need is this super good quality Acrylic LED Lamp which makes the perfect gifts for perfect occasions like (Anniversary, Birthdays, Graduation, etc.).



Customized LED Picture Lamp is all you need in this super good quality.  Hence, it makes the perfect gift for special occasions. Moreover, it comes with a USB cable charger. Furthermore, it can be put in bedroom, bar, shop, café, restaurant etc. as decorative light. Additionally, it comes with 7 Different color options which can be chosen from a single push button or you can choose automatically color changing mode.

Gift Ideas for Customized LED Picture Lamp

  1. Everyone wants to lock their favorite memories in photos and this product does the job for that. Customized LED Picture Lamp makes the best gift for couples. It will surely light up any couple’s bedroom and will give it a new look. If you are looking for the most special gift for your wife then this is it! Please look no further! Stop right here! Bring out the favorite picture of both of you and get it on our Customized LED Lamp.  It promises to lift up your partner’s mood as soon as the lights go off and the lamp turns on! After a long and tiring day when your partner will come back home. It will be the last thing that they will see before unwinding into a good night’s sleep.
  2. It will also make the perfect present for your best friend’s birthday. When you will go to her with a lamp that will have your favorite moment’s picture. As soon as you will turn on the lamp, her face will also lit up!


It’s unique line art work is what makes it unique than our other customized products. We can design the lamp entirely the way you want to customize it. As you know, quality plays a huge part too in making a product valuable. It’s sturdy German machine comes with two options. You can either operate it with a USB cable which comes with it or operate it with batteries. Click here to see the video on our Facebook

  • Acrylic plate
  • Base
  • USB cable


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