Tie & Dye Summer Tracksuit


Perfect summer wear is here! Get comfy in our all-new range of Tie & Dye Summer Tracksuits.

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Tie & Dye Summer Tracksuit makes the comfiest matching separates yet looks stylish. Moreover, tie and dye has taken over the fashion industry by storm. It is considered as the new black. So, get on your fashion diva mode on and get your hands on the most stylish co-ords. It comes in three colors. Unicorn, Sunny Bunny, and Cloudy. Unicorn is a mix of cotton candy colors with shades of lilacs and pinks. It is sure to make you look stylish. Furthermore, the sunny bunny is an amalgamation of summery yellows and hints of tangerine. Cloudy is our one-color dip and dye. With an ink blue color splattered all over a white canvas, it does look like a piece of art. What makes our Tie & Dye Summer Tracksuit better than other’s? We have specially made this product considering the summer weather in Pakistan.

When to wear our Tie & Dye Summer Tracksuit?

You can lounge in our Tie & Dye Summer Tracksuit or just simply wear it to your nearest store for a grocery run. Not just that, If you traveling, trust us! It’ll be your favorite piece of clothing. Additionally, It looks stylish as in airport look as well. In addition, it will look the best to wear on a summer picnic with your family where you don’t want to do much and just relax and spend a calm and peaceful time with your family. Additionally, with the perfect accessory, you can style it up or style it down. Add in some dainty pieces when you’re running late for a lunch with your pals and you’re good to go. Or add on your biggest shades, put your hair up in a bun and take out your big tote bag and you’re ready for shopping or it makes the perfect airport look.


Now comes the aftercare and washing instructions:

  • Always wash your Tie & Dye Summer Tracksuit with hands and with cold water.
  • Do not bleach or put it in a dyer. Always air dry it.
  • It is advised to always wash it separately on the first wash.

Still unsure whether to buy the product or not? See the video post of the product on Instagram.

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