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Explore the ultimate in smartwatch technology with the I8 Ultra Max Series 8 Smart Watch. It’s your all-in-one companion, featuring full-screen display, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure measurement, music control, and more. Shop the best I8 Ultra Price in Pakistan now.

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Introducing the I8 Ultra Max Series 8 Smart Watch – a masterpiece of innovation that transcends the ordinary. Elevate your experience with a stunning full-screen display that brings every detail to life. Stay connected effortlessly with calling functionality, enabling seamless conversations without reaching for your phone.

Monitor your well-being with heart rate tracking that keeps you informed about your cardiac health in real-time. Keep a close watch on your blood pressure and oxygen levels, ensuring your health is always a priority. The I8 Ultra Max empowers your active lifestyle, offering comprehensive insights into calories burned, steps taken, and distances conquered.

Engage in a spectrum of sports activities, meticulously tracked by the smartwatch. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a vigorous run, or anything in between, your progress is seamlessly recorded. Dive into a deeper understanding of your sleep patterns, optimizing your rest for a rejuvenated tomorrow.

Control your music world effortlessly as you navigate your playlists with the touch of a button. The I8 Ultra Max is more than a timepiece; it’s a complete control center for your digital life. Seamlessly synchronize your smartphone’s functions for a cohesive experience.

In the world of I8 Ultra Max, charging is a breeze. Embrace the convenience of wireless charging, ensuring you’re always powered up for the journey ahead. The watch’s durability is matched only by its comfort. With both an ocean strap and a Velcro strap, you can tailor your watch’s look to your style and comfort needs.

Your exploration of this remarkable watch is made even easier with the included user manual book, guiding you through its functions and features. Seamlessly merge style and technology as you embark on a journey with the I8 Ultra Max Series 8 Smart Watch. Shop for the best I8 Ultra Price in Pakistan and experience the future today.

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Navy Blue, silver, Orange, Black


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