Soft Sole Summer Slides


Summer is coming in fall! And bringing comfort to your feet.

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Soft Sole Summer Slides are the cutest accessory that you can gift to your feet with the comfort of soft soles. However, who said cute things can’t come in good quality?! These slides are here to prove this wrong. Additionally, it’s made with the finest quality silicon which will keep your feet comfy and beautiful. Everyone needs a comfortable pair of slipper after they come back home after a tiring day. Soft Sole Summer Slides will become your favorite pair of slides for all the above reasons. Furthermore, it’s super cute and quirky design is so adorable. Moreover, the quality of it’s sole is everything comfortable. The quality is also really good.

Now, the time demands for trendy footwear. These slippers are stylish, trendy yet comfortable. It promises to keep the beauty of your feet intact. At times slippers leaves a bad stain on your skin, but this ensures of no such issues. The softness of it’s sole will give you a cotton soft in your heels. You can wear up to many hours you want to.  You can wear it at home or when going out. Grocery runs are often time taking and tiring, you can wear these while running such errands. It will stay perfect during rainy days as well, when one is worried to go out. All in all it’s the most perfect pair of most comfortable slippers on your shoe rack. Check the feedback of the product on Facebook Post

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  • Available Sizes: 36 – 41
  • Extremely Soft Sole
  • Available in 2 Color Combinations

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Shoe Size

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41


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