Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets


Level up your Ramadan with daily reminders of faith! ✨

Introducing the Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets, a stunning set designed to deepen your connection to the holy month. Forget scrambling for supplications – these beauties hold the powerful Duas for each third of Ramadan (Ashra) right on your fridge!

Here’s why you’ll love them:

  • Gorgeous design: Vivid colors and elegant lettering make these magnets a joy to display.
  • Daily dose of inspiration: Start your day with a powerful Dua, keeping your Ramadan focus strong.
  • Perfect for families: Encourage everyone to recite the Ashra Duas together, fostering connection and spiritual growth.
  • Unique Ramadan gift: Spread the Ramadan spirit and inspire loved ones with this practical and meaningful present.

More than just fridge décor, the Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets are a constant reminder of the blessings that come with each stage of Ramadan.

Ready to elevate your Ramadan experience? Order your Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets today and embrace the beauty and power of these sacred supplications!



Shop Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets Online in Pakistan

Keep the blessings of Ramadan close at hand with our beautiful Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets. This elegant set features three vibrantly colored magnets, each containing the supplications for the first ten days (Ashra), the second ten days, and the last ten days of Ramadan.

Ramadan Gifts in Pakistan

Searching for meaningful Ramadan gift ideas? The Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets are a thoughtful and practical present for anyone who wants to deepen their Ramadan experience. Displaying these magnets on your fridge serves as a daily reminder to recite these powerful Duas throughout the holy month.

Ramadan Gift Ideas

The Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets are more than just beautiful decorations. They are a valuable tool for staying connected to the specific supplications recited during each third of Ramadan. These magnets can be used by individuals or families to enhance their daily prayers and devotions.

Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets Delivery in Pakistan

J’s Store makes sending Ramadan gifts to loved ones in Pakistan effortless. We offer nationwide delivery, ensuring your Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets arrive on time to bring inspiration and blessings throughout Ramadan.

Order your Ashra Duas Fridge Magnets today and elevate your Ramadan experience with these beautiful and practical reminders of faith.


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