Nikkah Essentials Deal


This Nikkah Essentials deal is a steal deal. Grab now and save Rs. 1000. If you are willing to shop the individual products, you will cost more than the deal price. Four in one. So what are you waiting for? Save Rs.1000 and enjoy this worth-buying deal for your big day or loved ones.



Nikkah Essentials Deal For Your Nikkah-Day

Everyone deems the day when two people come together for a lifetime. The most important day in anyone’s life! It is your wedding, and you want everything to be perfect. So what can you add to the celebrations that would make your marriage modest but trendy? Our Nikkah Essentials deal for your nikkah is the best to shop online.

Let’s See What We Are Offering In Nikkah Essentials Deal

We here offer you a Nikkah essentials deal which includes; a Nikkah dupatta, a Nikkah pen for the groom and bride, and a pair of Imam Zamin for the couple.

Nikkah Dupatta: Nikkah dupattas play an important part in a wedding. The Dupatta is a foremost part of a bride’s wedding ensemble in many South Asian cultures. In some cultures, the Dupatta is also used to cover the head during certain religious ceremonies. So, If you are searching for the right one with high quality and want to engrave your loved one’s name. Order online from J’s Store.

Imam Zamin: For the eternal fortune of marriage, travel, illness, and new undertakings, It is customary to hang money wrapped in cloth around the right arm. It helps to protect and bless the bride and groom on their special day! Beautifully embroidered MASHALLAH in Arabic on gold zari thread and with a Satin Ribbon to tie around the arm of both bride and groom. 

Nikkah Pen For Bride & Groom: Nikkah is purely a written and officially accepted agreement between two people in the presence of a witness. As it is a significant and gorgeous thing to do, one should do it with perfection. If you want your magical moment to become more beautiful. You can buy a customized engraved pen from J’s Store to make your moment more memorable. Make your pen stand out by opting for a customized pen. A custom pen will make a lasting impression on your loved one. So just like your special and one-of-a-kind wedding partner, get this unique luxurious Nikkah pen to make your one-of-a-lifetime event memorable.

Nikkah Essentials Deal As A Perfect Gift

This deal is a perfect way to show your friend and family how much you care about the little things that impact the most. Whether you are looking for Nikkah Dupatta, an engraved pen, or Imam Zamin for the couple, this idea for the Nikah Essentials deal is a good gift.

Hassle-Free Online Shopping

Now you do not have to worry about these little things that impact the Nikkah event. Just order online without hassle and get the delivery to your doorstep. We have carefully packed all the items that are generally Nikkah essentials. The wedding season is just around the corner, you can easily gift someone to make their moment happy and thoughtful. Nikkah Essentials deal is the perfect gift for a couple.


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