Leather Name Pop-up Cardholder


Leather Name Pop-up card holder is the most essential accessory for any cardholder. It keeps all your credit/debit and ID cards organized and in one. You can take any of your cards out by pulling the lever down. Make your hassle free and get it today.

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Leather Name Pop-up Cardholder is the best organizer to keep all your cards in one place. It has a textured leather case with a name embossed on it. Moreover, you can also get the name engraved on the aluminum case of the cardholder to give it the touch of personalization. On top of that, the leather cover consists of pockets in which you can keep extra cash or your ID cards, etc. Additionally, it has a super sleek look that makes it easier to carry in the pockets. As you know, men already have their pockets full of accessories that occupy all the space. So, our leather pocket cardholder’s compact size makes it is the perfect accessory for them.

Features of Leather Name Pop-up Cardholder

Not just that, when you open the case, then comes the pop-up cardholder. It organizes and displays all your cards in a go with the pop-up option. And you know what the best part is? You can get the name customized on the pop-up cardholder too. It is the best leather product that you can gift to someone who tries to be organized. Gifts like leather cardholders make life more manageable and organized. It comes in handy for people who have no time to juggle through their wallets to take out a specific card when they need it. All you need to do is just move its lever upwards and all the cards will pop out instantly.

Leather Name Pop-up Cardholder can easily hold up to 7 to 8 cards. Moreover, it has pockets to keep cash. Not to mention, the leather flap to cover its aluminum body. Best of all, Leather Name Pop-up Cardholder comes with customized name engraving.

Girls who don’t like to carry their purses at all times also love to keep all their cards and cash in our Leather Name Pop-up Cardholder. It’s a necessary accessory that every cardholder should get for themselves for a hassle free lifestyle. We have more customized leather products in our inventory like Customized Name Engraved Leather Wallet & Keychain Gift-set and Name Engraved Leather Wallet Keychain Belt Gift-Set. Comment on our Facebook Post of the product to give us your valuable feedback.


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