BK Excess (XS) 100 ml.


A fragrant, seductive new scent blending energy, charm and virility.

  • Fragrance: Black XS
  • Fragrance type: EDT (Eau de Toilette)
  • Volume: 100ml / 3.4oz
  • Gender: men
  • Polo tester free 1.5ml


This Perfume is definitely masculine. Knowing the desire of some women to wear men’s fragrances. It can be said no women would desire to wear BK Excess (XS) despite of its soft and warm woodsy notes and even sweet notes of the drydown. It features fresh lemon notes, kalamanzi fruits, tagets, sage, praline, cardamon, cinnamon, tou balasam, rosewood, black amber, patchouli and ebony.


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