Magnetic Lashes


Who says glamorous lashes can’t look natural? MEL – Magnetic Eye Lashes gives you length & mass, without any glue stick to your Eyelash.



Sometimes, even the best mascara just doesn’t cut it. Some days call for a more dramatic eye makeup look, but if you want to look put together without putting in the effort, magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner save the day. Instead of wrestling with finicky lash glue and liquid eyeliner, magnetic eyelashes attach to each other with two magnetic strips that snap right over your natural lashes for gorgeous lashes in a few seconds, sans mess. If snapping anything near your eyes gives you the chills, some of these lashes instead come with magnetic eyeliner so that you can simply press the magnetic lash strip onto the magnetized eyeliner. But wait: Magnets? Clamped? On your eyes? It’s still an emerging beauty trend, so we got the scoop straight from beauty experts.


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